We have a 200-ton press break, 10’ X ½” capacity plate shear, ¼’ x 7’ plate rolls, 125-ton iron worker as well as CNC Plasma Cutting.

Medium to Heavy Structural Pipe Racks
Skid Fabrication
Platforms, Handrails, Walkways
Bending, Rolling, Forming of plate
Electrical Switch Gear & Support

Racks Plate Fabrication
Storage tanks and all tank components
per API650 code

  • shell plate
  • manways
  • repads
  • shell nozzles
  • roof nozzles
  • door sheets
  • roof drain piping
  • rolling stairs
  • wind girters
  • center columns 
  • rafters
  • roof panels and floor plates
  • annular rings
  • tank liners
  • steam coils