Accurate Industries Inc. has developed into a single source, full service production company that manufactures and distributes quality pipe hangers, engineered supports, FRP hangers, and custom pipe supports. Besides manufacturing specialty hangers and supports, Accurate Industries, Inc. supplies the  industry’s standard commodity items at competitive prices for its customers.
 Accurate Industries, Inc.  fabricates specialty items from an array of resources including stainless steel, alloy, and carbon steel, and it offers distinctive coatings and processes that include painted surfaces, electroplating, hot-dipped galvanizing, and rubber dipped coatings. At the customer’s request, part numbers can be imprinted on products on-site using approved metal stamping, tagging, and other marking methods. Orders are double checked for accuracy, and punctual deliveries are a priority. Additional services include the sale of nuts, bolts, washers, threaded rod, concrete anchors, and attachments, as well as an extensive stock of specialty hangers for Cast Iron, Insulated Pipe, and FRP Pipe.